ANGEL Gonzalez 
Singer / Songwriter / Performer
     Angel’s love of music was sparked at an early age, and was brought about by tragic circumstance.  At the innocent age of 8, he was sent to live with his grandparents after the untimely loss of both his mother and father.  His displaced heart took comfort in the tunes that his beloved grandmother would sing in the kitchen as she prepared his meals.  Her love sustained him through his childhood and her love of song inspired him to what would be his future in music.  If the old saying is true, behind every great man is a great woman, then we have no one but grandma to thank for instilling the love of music in young Angel’s heart.

     Not born to any type of privilege it was difficult for the young artist to get his work heard, and it was not until the age of 21 that he was financially able to record his first original songs, “Falling” and “Love at First Sight,” both of which were very well received, selling a modest 2000 copies on limited release.  Seeing people receptive to his music, it was not long before Angel began cultivating his talents into his own unique style of soulful vocals that blend R&B tenderness, and Tejano rhythms with a smooth touch of Latin pop.  Armed with only his talent and a positive disposition He took to the local stages and started captivating crowds. 
As a struggling artist trying to get his voice heard, amongst the thundering sounds coming from the many hopeful others that wanted to make their mark in the world, Angel continued to blossom as a singer, a songwriter, and as a performer.  His ability to capture the emotions of the events of his life and convey them through his music found a place in people’s hearts.  It wasn’t long before some in the music industry took notice. 
     In a serendipitous twist of fate 2008/2009 Grammy Award Winning Producers, Klub Jumpers, happened upon Angel and after working closely with them, and many others he was able to reach new heights in his writing and singing career, which was still in its infancy.  With the new music came new opportunity as promoters began taking notice and started booking Angel to share the stages with some of the top recording artist of the day, Johnny O, Cynthia, Ruben Ramos, and many others from labels such as Dope House Records.  The spotlight gave way to interviews on local radio stations which exposed audiences to the honest, warm hearted, friendly and disarmingly playful nature that is Angel.
     The year was 2001 and in the years that followed, while still working a full time job, he managed to perform at numerous events and venues.  Slowly he built a loving and loyal fan base, keeping his music career on a slow yet steady move forward.  The ascent brings us to 2011, where Angel was performing as a regular on the famous “Heat Wave Concert Series,” where the next chapter of his life was poised to begin.  It was late 2011 when Angel decided to demonstrate his Hispanic pride and showcase his talents by entering Austin’s Canta Tejano Idol competition singing his own original Tejano material.  The competition was the first of its kind for Austin and although Angel placed a humbling fourth, he received such positive feedback from the judges, sponsors, and fellow competitors that he decided to diversify his music further into the world of Tejano.  This would take his music career to a new level.  A few months later, in early 2012, with the help of Craigslist, Angel found a random group of enthusiastic musicians that were willing to give him a chance, and the band, Angel Y Grupo Vimana, was formed. 
      The group worked so extremely well together that within a few short months of creation they were booked to perform at huge venues such as the TTMA Fan Fair in San Antonio, the State Capitol Mexican Monument Dedication Showcase at Plaza Saltillo, and Austin’s Traditional Cinco De Mayo Celebration at Fiesta Gardens.  The band shared the stages with Jimmy Gonzalez y Grupo Mazz, Gary Hobbs and David Mares.  A few months later Angel would receive news that his talents were recognized when he made the industry ballot for the Tejano Music Awards.  Although Angel’s popularity was still growing it was not enough to get him past the first round.  None the less Angel was honored just to have been nominated, and with the same type of positive, “the glass is half full”, attitude that he has taken in life he gathered himself up and pushed forward. 
     In August of 2012 through hard work and determination he arrived in Las Vegas Nevada.  The booking was an acoustic setting at the Tejano Showcase hosted by Tejano legend Shelly Lares.  The Las Vegas show was exciting for everyone involved and brought about some very positive results.  During his set, and in the middle of a song, Mr. Joe Posada, one of Tejano Music’s most celebrated recording artists and Founder/CEO of Baby Dude Records, walked right up and placed his business card in Angel’s hands and said, “Call me on Monday.”  It goes without saying Angel was floored, and after finishing his performance could not stop smiling for the duration of the trip.  It was not the first sign of interest shown but it was definitely one of the most memorable.  His spirits were further lifted when he was contacted by a small independent film company and asked if they could use one of his original Tejano songs on a film score, a request that he was happy to grant.
     Angel now turns to the future, to the Tejano Globe nominations, to the release of his first Album, and the further distribution of his passion.  His music is currently on rotation on numerous radio and internet radio stations both in the US and Mexico.  To name them all would take too long, but it goes without saying that he is extremely appreciative to every single station for their support of his music and the music of all up and coming new Tejano artists.
     The talents of this young artist are undeniable.  He is like the blank canvass with but a few brush strokes, a masterpiece in the making.  He is the uncut diamond that will gleam brighter with each pass of the chisel.  To look into his soft green eyes as he flashes you a smile, reminiscent of the late great Selena, one can only envision this humble performing pauper becoming the next Tejano Prince.